Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Im gonna attempt to do this tagging thing

I guess i have been tagged by LakewookVentor So now im gonna try and tag Michelle and, hmm lets see. Socialworker/frustrated mom comments alot on my blog, so ill tag her. here goes nothing.

I hate purim in flatbush!

Its that time of year again. The time when the “I don’t give a damn if I double parked my car blocking all traffic” people come and start distributing their mishloach manos. Not to mention those hundreds of collectors who stream all over Flatbush demanding you give over your life savings for their cause; hoping that your money is really going towards a decent cause, or any cause at all. I can be stuck on a typical side street and not move for 20 minutes, because the driver has to wait for their group. What chutzpa do I have to even request him to kindly circle around the block or find a place to pull over so I can get through? The 20’ comes into one huge parking lot noon time on purim. And the only day when it’s ok to act like an asshole, after all, people assume you’re probably drunk. Then the real you comes out. Awesome – can’t wait till Sunday!

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Has the flatbush snobs all moved to the 30's?

Has the 30’s become the new 20’s in Flatbush? Have the same obnoxious people from the 20’s integrated into the 30’s or is there a new breed of assholes? I used to go through the 20’s en route to the 30’s and dreading it. I used to never receive any form or greeting or even a nod of recognition that I just said good shabbos to you, or that I am in fact a human being; a human being who is not wearing an Armani suit and a black hat. Now it’s the reverse.

It had recently occurred to me that the 30’s are now worse than the 20’s. Maybe I just got so accustomed to their attitude I don’t even view it as assholeism. While walking in the area this weekend, I was pleasantly surprised of the good shabbos I was getting while walking in the 20’s. That all stopped once I reached Nostrand ave however. There was like a devil waiting there with a stop sign and diverting all the assholes into the thirties. Not one implication that I actually existed over there. Isn’t this the ‘new’ cool neighborhood where all the newly married folks are moving to where houses are under a million dollars? Someone suggested the idea that these people are the children of the 20’s. Then ill be damned to say that their children are now bigger snobs than their parents. Maybe it’s the proposition that the children will one day take over daddy’s business, then once they have enough money will move back into the twenties. The cycle of life, I see.

Friday, February 23, 2007

Clean up flatbush from all the garbage!

I may not be the cleanest or neatest person around, but when I go outside I like the streets to be sorta cleaned. En route to the subway this morning while walking up on ave J, I see garbage scattered everywhere. I mean throughout the sidewalks and streets, I see boxes and open garbage bags leaking all sorts of gross stuff everywhere. Would it be too much to ask that I would like to walk around in a clean and fresh environment? Im not saying this purely the fault of frum people from Flatbush, but definitely a combination of the city, the store owners (most of whom are frum), and the pedestrians (again mostly frum) that walk them.

I remember like 3 years ago seeing signs on lamp posts promoting a campaign for ‘Beautify Brooklyn” or Flatbush, or something like that. It didn’t do much, but we need to do more. The area looks more like Measharim than Brooklyn. It’s as if people don’t care. The city has to provide more garbage cans or clean them out more frequently. The store owners have to know they can’t just dumb their crap where ever they feel like it. Everyday, I see the same glob of left over food smack in the middle of the sidewalk. Im ashamed to live in such a disgusting place; where people don’t care about their neighbors and the city. I am sure if I walk into many of these peoples homes, they’ll be spotless. It’s an extremely selfish mentality which they have to change.

Thursday, February 22, 2007

If i can choose my own religion?

Last week I asked briefly in one of my posts, if I was born a catholic would I do things according to that religion. I just want to explain a little more of the way my mind works. If I grew up another religion or even unorthodox, would I “find” my jewishness on my own? Would I learn on my own that this is the correct way of living and this I the right religion, while believing all others are false. I still have plenty of questions on the religion. The only reason why im a frum jew, is the way I was raised. I was only taught to be jewish, I was never taught any other way of living. My rebbeim and parents engrave this way of life without giving me any open mind. This is a very biased approach. Im not a self hating jew or thinking of becoming not frum. But it makes me wonder if I would have figured it on my own, would I be able to believe in it by myself. Would I be ok with all of the laws Judaism entails and believe in our belief system.

If I was born a catholic and had the ministers all teach their way of living, which is what I would’ve become. I am not jewish or frum by choice, it was the only way I was taught to be, which is how many religious families are. They teach their young ones about their religion, while leaving everything else out of the equation. If we had every being brought up with out any religion, then by a certain age we have some one try and sell them their religion, and this is way their going to live for the rest of their lives. How many do you think would choose Judaism? It’s a tough question, eh.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Getting stuck in the Lincoln Tunnel sucks!

Has anyone car died on the highway twice in 1 year and cause major delays. This is the second time my car died on me on a major highway. The first time is a story in itself, getting stuck on the way to the Yankee-Met game on the exit ramp while getting off the grand central parkway with angry fans trying to get to the game. This past Sunday night it happened be smack in middle of the Lincoln Tunnel.
I entered the tunnel with a battery light on and airbag light on but prayed that i can at least make in to the city and ill worry about it then. Unfortunately, about halfway through, my car gave up all will to give me any gas and slowly went to a standstill. As i watch the car behind me in the right lane wait in frustration, he gave up and crossed the double white line as well as all the other cars behind him. I began calling AAA and telling them what happened, but midway through the call, i see lights behind me and a man exit the truck and come up to me in the left lane. Apparently the Port Authority has cameras in there and watch for shit like this to happen. I was wondering how he can walk like that in middle of the tunnel, i soon learn the emergency crew blocked off both lanes.
He asked me some questions and then tells me to put the car in neutral and hes going to push me out via the left lane. There is no worse feeling than watching all the cars pass you in the newly opened right lane with such anger. I made sure all of my windows were closed (last time i got ice cubes thrown at my car) and not look directly at them. I finally get pushed to the emergency garage right out side the tunnel and await further help. Getting stuck sucks.

Frummies and their bluetooth

Im sick and tired of seeing these yashiva guys and frummies walking around with the bluetooth earpieces in their ear for no reason. Im ok if they were driving and needed their hand free, but now i see all the cool machers walking around flatbush with it as if their the hottest shit around. I can be eating at KD or J2 and be near a guy sitting down doing nothing, his hands are relaxing beside him, and yelling into this thing. It has come much more of fashion and social statement than the actual purpose of it. I just wanna grab it out of an ear and stamp on it while watching every piece fly out from under my shoe. yeh, thats what i'll do.

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Why dont frum people put their pictures on facebook?

Ok, I have to admit, I do have one of those facebook and myspace accounts. Mine also has some info and a brief profile as well as some pictures of me. But I noticed some people don’t include their pictures in their profile. So I wonder why people don’t include some pictures of themselves? Then, I noticed it’s more of the frum people, guys and girls alike, who don’t include their picture. Please help me understand this. Your real name is in there and either you want to reconvene with old or current friends or make some new ones. What are you afraid of; you don’t want to show you’re off your sexy good looks or maybe you’re too ashamed of your looks. You think if you include a picture of a teddy bear that will suffice, well, unless you really are a teddy bear. To me it sends off a very obnoxious attitude that they are better than everyone else and only the uncool people put up pictures.. If your dorky (or savvy) enough to have a profile up there, it wont kill you to put a picture up of yourself. Recently I became ‘friends’ with some one I met on a trip a while back and only knew me by my English name but remembered what I look like. But thankfully for my picture, he/she was able to remember who I was and put two and two together.

Friday, February 16, 2007

Frum firm gets busted in real estate scam

So on the 11 a clock news on channel 7, they had a story about a real estate scam. And who else would the story be about? But a frum real estate firm, where every single person in the office was wearing a big fat velvet yalmuka or a long skirt from long island. I don’t know much about real estate or appraisals of properties, but im pretty sure what they were doing weren’t all that legal. You see this house, owned by black people may I add, was worth 400 thousand dollars and this frum firm told them it was only worth 325 thousand. Not only that, the firm promised to relinquish the mortgage which is not allowed from any bank. Regardless of the actual illegal fraud that was done against the poor people, it was done by very religious jews. I know theres bad apple in all walks of life, but are we not supposed to have higher moral and standards? Don’t call yourself frum if your going to do crap like this, it makes me look bad. Once again, I am embarrassed to be frum.
See for yourself -

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Why do frum girls wear high heels in snow?

Seriously, ladies. There is no such halacha women must always wear high heels, especially when when it is snowing and icy conditions. While waiting for my train this morning by the Ave J stop, I couldn't help but notice that many of these frum girls are wearing high heels today. I almost fell on my ass 10 times wearing completely normal flat shoes in this weather, how can these girls not fall and walk normal in those things. I'm sure these hunky Touro guys can wait to see you in regular shoes another day. I guess appearance is more important than safety to them.

Monday, February 12, 2007

What if everyone was super tall?

Ok, I’ve been thinking again. You see, im not a super tall guy, nor am I a really short guy. I guess being about 5’7 would be a drop below average for a guy’s height. Of the single girls out there also, they can range from presumably about 5 feet to 6 feet, and yet, they are all looking for that 6 foot guy. Now, im sure this was discussed many times before and it is nothing new here but I still wonder about this. What exactly is going thru these girls mind that all these girls can aspire for something they don’t qualify for? I can understand why a tall girl would go after a tall guy, but how can a short girl be so choosy as not to go out with a guy who’s less than 6 feet. The reason I heard one time is because she is scared of having short kids down the road. Right, so if the taller girls are going after the tall guys and the shorter girls are also going after the tall guys, who are the regular height guys suppose to go out with. Yes, I understand it’s the girls right to choose what kind of guy she goes out with, but it’s not very realistic, is it. And yes I understand it’s not this way for all girls, bur for a lot of them it is. It’s interesting all these girls are thinking about the future of their kids, but not about the actual mate they going to havta marry one day.

Friday, February 9, 2007

My first critic of my blog deserves a posting!

I like to dedicate today’s post to the wonderful anonymous user who chose to make themselves feel better by critiquing my blog with such a meaningless comment. Every one is free to disagree with me and comment about it. This is what I have to say about the comment.

First off, you chose to remain anonymous, either because you are worried, I, or some other bloggers may see all the flaws and lameness of your own blog. Or it can be because you don’t have a blog because you’re worried about people criticizing your writing.

I entertain myself pretty well with this blog. This blog seems to be a little microcosm of what goes on in your brain.

In case, you are new to blogging like me, allow me to explain why many people choose to blog. People use it as a tool to have a public diary of ones own life, and if other people choose to read it, so be it. This may mean they have their own personal views and opinions which not everyone may agree on, but many others may find interesting and entertaining.

You aren't funny. You are clearly witless.

Regardless of your opinion if you think whether some of my postings are funny or witty enough for you, some of them are not meant for humor. You comment in a posting which is serious and real, and individuals marriages are at stake because of religious matters. That is no laughing better. Although, many people do think many of my postings are funny.

You also seem some kind of axe to grind with the jewish yeshiva system and women in general

Again, if you have a disagreement with my views, you are free to disagree with me and state your valid points. There is no need to criticize the entire blog because of it. I stated valid points, where are yours? In addition, I don’t criticize; I question and try to get a better understanding of people. Unfortunately, the yeshiva system isn’t flawless, and I am quoting my personal opinions on what needs to be changed. As for the grind on women, I question specific groups of frum women, not women as a whole. Please be careful with what you write.

It also seems like you are obviously trying to copy another very popular blog but are failing miserably!

There are 30 million blogs out there, forgive me if some of them sound similar. And explain what you mean by failing miserably. This blog is 2 weeks old and I am getting hundreds of hits, some one is reading it and commenting; including yourself. Then again, people are to blog for themselves, not for others.

Thursday, February 8, 2007

Yo women - dont even think about changing my religious life style

You see my friends, recently a friend of mine married a girl who in my opinion is way more religious and yashivash than him. Now, ive been thinking, if that was me I would never put myself in a situation where im marrying a girl a lot more religious than me. It seems to me that this girl and many girls like her are willing to change their husbands in such a way to go all the way to the right, just like them. Before marriage, this guy was totally cool with not making minyan, not wearing black hat, watches tv and movies, and of course look at the good old untzious sites online. What changed? Now, there is no TV in his house, his wife tells him by to go to every single minyan with a black hat and makes sure hes there on time. What’s interesting about this is, this was the complete opposite of who he was a few months ago.
Now, I would never go for such a life change like that. There is one thing being ‘whipped’ by your wife in the secular world, and then there’s another thing to have your wife change your whole religious views altogether. I don’t know if I should give him credit for putting up with this new yashivash life style because he knew exactly what he was marrying, or the lack of credit for not being man enough to tell his wife where he stands religiously. How can one have a spouse change you like that over night? But he seems to be totally cool with it (from my eyes) without any objections to all this change, so I wish them a healthy marriage.

Wednesday, February 7, 2007

What the F*&% inspires you

Can someone please explain me this one. What does it mean to be inspired by Judaism? More importantly, why would a girl ask a friend/ chavrusa of mine (once in a while im a good jew and learn) this kind of question? I would really like to hear her views on this matter. I would like her to send me a detailed 30 page thesis explaining what it is about our religion that truly inspires her. I think Judaism is a pretty cool religion. If I was born a catholic, would I be equally inspired by the religion I was born up with? This topic is too complex as it is and probably deserves its posting, but certainly not a question I want my potential mate asking. The same girl who states that learning Mishna berura is not considered learning, she wants to go out with a guy who can make wicked ass laining in gemarah. I would like to know what exactly she is learning. How is she contributing to the jewish religion. Does she say 5 paragraphs of tehilem on the train while staring at all the guys? That doesn’t count.
Ok, so I take it she is probably way to frum for me and is looking for a super religious guy, im fine with that. But, I am told she has 2 earrings in one ear. What is up with that? Am I crazy for thinking that this girl is totally confused? They seriously have to realize they can’t look for something beyond their reach. Why would a gemarah, white shirt kind of guy go out with a girl like that? Those guys will certainly be turned off by the not so halachkly correct of having 2 earrings. Anyone have any ideas?

Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Jesus wont save me from the wind

Call me a pussy, but I get scared easily during the night. The other night, with the howling wind constantly blowing against my window and hearing sounds of flying garbage cans outside, can creep me out a bit and a feeling like someone wants to break in my house or something. So the next day when I thought ill tell over this tale to a black Evangelical Christian co worker who sits next to me. But I should have known what her response will be, as every time I have had any kind of conversations with her, they always end off with Jesus being the savior of mankind.

You see, this has nothing to do my belief. I may not be the most loyal Jew but I don’t instigate my religion on anyone nor do I have any interest in other religions. She tells me the only thing I should fear is g-d and the messiah. Ok, so I fear g-d (not so much the messiah part), but that doesn’t mean I shouldn’t automatically fear anything else, its human nature. I am afraid of a lot of things in life. I told her if you’re such a believer that nothing will ever happen to you as long as you believe, why don’t you leave your doors totally unlocked in a neighborhood like Harlem and let me know what happens. This isn’t the first time she brought Jesus on me.

One time, she thinks she came up with this brilliant argument, “if there’s something amazing which you know is the correct way of living, don’t you wanna share it with everyone else”. What dumb ass argument is that? Just because I like sesame chicken, does that give me the right to shove it in your face and make you like it?

This posting may not have anything to do with frumminess, but just to show just because im ‘notsofrummie’, don’t mean ill be crossing to the other side so soon, especially, not from a person with such crappy arguments like that.

Monday, February 5, 2007

The West Side Snobs

In addition, so far on my blog, I’ve been bashing the more frum people for being overly obnoxious, but I'd like to share my hatred with the not so frum people as well. Im sure many people are aware of this and this is nothing new to them, especially to those that live there.

Although it’s been a while since I was on the upper west side, I can still smell the cologne and perfume from the Friday night davending at the OZ. It could also be that I had a very negative experience over there, as not to go back as often as a single guy should. The only time I was there, when the weather was somewhat warmer than it is now, I remember the after shul social affair, where every one dresses up in their best over priced suit and their Elmer’s glue hair, and their pointy European style shoes. And if that didn’t make feel alone and out of place with my average priced suit and tie, then we have the cliques. Its not that I can’t dress that way and look super preppy, but what is the point. Someone I know thru an acquaintance told me “don’t you know where you are; you should’ve came much more dressed up”. Wtf?

It kind of felt like high school with all of cliques, being the unpopular one and feeling left out. I only knew 2 or 3 people there, but that’s not nearly enough to get by. Its not like you’re in an out of town shul and if someone doesn’t recognize you, they invite you over for a meal. What if I didn’t have a meal, would anyone be so kind and ask me. Well, I did have a meal at one of those ‘young professionals’, they should rename it ‘under 50 – your still considered young’, and naturally I was the youngest one there by at least 10 years and the only one not making over 150,000 dollars annually, and being completely separated from my buddies, I sucked it up How ever awkward it wasn’t the worst situation I was in, but still uncomfortable. The rest of the shabbos, I tried not to venture out to any more of these west side gatherings and meet anymore west side people, cause they are clearly not my style. I shall move on with my life.
I know some of you will respond that not everyone is like that out there, but from my experience, a large majority are.

Friday, February 2, 2007

Fat frum kids are everywhere - put down the shnitzel!

I have many fears in life, as im sure many people have, but one in particular is a fear of having fat children. I look around and all I see are fat kids every where. They are taking over every where; the schools, the fast food joints, the ice cream shops, etc. you get my drift. But, I want to have skinny kids that remain skinny for their whole life and not give up at age 10 because of laziness and lack of a healthy diet, but as you all know in this day and age and obesity rate sky rocketing across the nation, chances are of my child remaining slim is much slimmer what it used to be.
Now, you may ask what does frumness play a role in this fat factor. Well, these kids sit in their ass’s all day in class until the wee hours of the afternoon and evening, hours after a normal public school lets out. So, by the time they get home, they then sit on their fat ass eating and doing Homework and maybe watch some TV. You see, public school kids get out so much earlier, so they can actually pick up an activity to run around for a few hours before assuming position on their couch. I remember back in HS, I would get up at 6 am and not be home till 10 at night. Yes, we have recess, but some are too lazy to play sports and that’s only for like 10 min. where’s my soccer practice or varsity football teams? Yeshiva leaves no time between learning and more learning for kids to be more active in sports.
One would think in this day and age with obesity on the rise, yeshivas would require much more exercise. I feel an hour or two a day in school or after-school daily is needed . Because of the lack of a regular gym class at yeshivas, I will require my kids to jog with me every night a mile around a track, once then will I allow my child to play his/her Xbox and watch tube, even maybe their Homework. This is my view. Till next time.

Thursday, February 1, 2007

Frummie sex forum - score!

I was recently introduced to this website by a friend of mine and i thought ill share it with my readers, if you have not heard it of yet. (I apologize if this was already covered in another blog, but to my googling, it was not). This got to the the most entertaining website since, porn, well maybe not that much. In the 'forum' section of this website,, is the frummie style of loveline with all of their sex questions with the halachic twist. Although, there is a disclaimer saying 'one must be married or be engaged to be married and is chassan/kallah class, there is nothing else stopping me to read their brilliant questions and conversations which is taking place in there. Be warned, it is very explicit. I have been spending way to much on there, but i just cant stop reading it. Arguments in there can range from whether it is really assur to go 'down' a woman, or wives complaining there yashivish husbands spend to much time learning and not enough time having sex. Again, you are warned of this explicit content. go nuts.