Thursday, February 8, 2007

Yo women - dont even think about changing my religious life style

You see my friends, recently a friend of mine married a girl who in my opinion is way more religious and yashivash than him. Now, ive been thinking, if that was me I would never put myself in a situation where im marrying a girl a lot more religious than me. It seems to me that this girl and many girls like her are willing to change their husbands in such a way to go all the way to the right, just like them. Before marriage, this guy was totally cool with not making minyan, not wearing black hat, watches tv and movies, and of course look at the good old untzious sites online. What changed? Now, there is no TV in his house, his wife tells him by to go to every single minyan with a black hat and makes sure hes there on time. What’s interesting about this is, this was the complete opposite of who he was a few months ago.
Now, I would never go for such a life change like that. There is one thing being ‘whipped’ by your wife in the secular world, and then there’s another thing to have your wife change your whole religious views altogether. I don’t know if I should give him credit for putting up with this new yashivash life style because he knew exactly what he was marrying, or the lack of credit for not being man enough to tell his wife where he stands religiously. How can one have a spouse change you like that over night? But he seems to be totally cool with it (from my eyes) without any objections to all this change, so I wish them a healthy marriage.


Jacob Da Jew said...

I don't know about that ( him being cool about the restrictions).

I know a guy that is geting divorced because his wife won't let him chill out i.e. Netflix etc. The situation is more complex than that but it is part of it. She wants him to be something he is not.

How sad.

Anonymous said...

I question how religious your friend has become. I mean I wonder how much G-d respects change, which is primarily based on getting some action in the sack.

Anonymous said...

Wow! Where do i even begin???
I entertain myself pretty well with this blog. This blog seems to be a little microcosm of what goes on in your brain. You aren't funny. You are clearly witless. You also seem some kind of axe to grind with the jewish yeshiva system and women in general. It also seems like you are obviously trying to copy another very popular blog but are failing miserably!

Emah S said...

This to me is one of the big problems with arranged marriages, quick shidduchim, and people not marrying because they love each other for who they are. MAYBE, just maybe your friend was looking for something like this, someone to help him be more religious? Have you asked him if he's happy?

As for you being with a woman who will try to change you, it doesn't seem like that should even be a worry for you. You are pretty set in your judgements of the way you like things. Your problem will be in finding a woman who is as free thinking as you??? Am I wrong?

good luck!

yatzmich said...

Big talker. Wait till you get married, then talk.

Anonymous said...

Back in my dating days, I saw the opposite problem, that the nice "frum" guys were all marrying "down" to girls who were less religious, leaving the religious girls with a smaller pool to work with.

If your friend is really pretending and not sincere, it will come back to hurt their marriage when his true self comes out.

Hesh said...

one year ago this week I got enaged to someone who was way frummer then me who didnt try and change me- good thing was she just broke up with me instead. I will be posting up some storires of the fun times I had being part of a yeshivish family as regular old me.

Anonymous said...

That is the power of pussy.

Anonymous said...

hey, kinda just discovered this blog. Just wanted to let you know as an orthodox girl who went to Yisheva all my life i can only tell you what my teachers taught me. That boys want to marry girls that are frummer than them. Since girls are more "spiritual" etc they can bring a man to a higher level, whatever that means. I have also heard from fellow male friends (from different schools) that in Yeshiva they are told to marry a "frum" girl. The boys can do whatever they want until they get married then they have to be serious. Perhaps this is what your freind was taught, and maybe part of him really wanted this lifestyle. no one but him knows for sure. from prsoanl experience of loosing a friend who is to "frum" to be around me i feel your pain.