Monday, April 30, 2007

Frat boys in flatbush??

Funny thing happened on the way to shul Friday night. As I was leaving my house to go to mincha on Friday afternoon, I see this car pull up like half way down the block and about 5 really white college looking guys jump out of the car. It’s like these jocks missed the exit in Ohio and ended up in middle of Flatbush. I hear one drunken frat boy car slam a beer on roof of the car and screams “Where the F*& are we?”.. I decided to go over to them and ask them what their looking for to see if i can help. Its obvious they were kinda lost. They ask me if there was some one by the name of Bawlinger or if i knew of someone having a party. I responded, I have no idea who that is and where that is, but im pretty damn sure its not on this block, this neighborhood, im pretty sure its not even in this city. After offering me to come to the party with them, even offering me a smoke, I told my new friends if there’s a party on Saturday night, maybe I would be able to come but for right now i got to go pray. Then one of neighbors comes out with his hat and one of the guys makes a comment that he likes his top hat.

Wondering if they ever made it to the party, I finally make my way to shul thinking that doesn’t happen on my block everyday.

Friday, April 27, 2007

Dating older chics?

I recently agreed to go out with a girl about 3 years older than i am. Although there was convincing and guilt giving while asking me, i finally agreed to give it a shot. I have never dated an older girl before. Well maybe i have, but usually it was no more than a few months older. I mean that's kind of a big number when I'm in my mid 20's. Maybe if i was 50 and she was 53, it wouldn't sound so bad. Perhaps people are going to think we doing the Ashton kutcher / Demi Doore kinda thing. Although, the gap isn't that big and it probably wont end up in the tabloids.

I don't think its going to go anywhere, but my thinking is 'what the worst that can happen', all it is a a cup of coffee, right? In fact im hoping she can match me up with a younger friend of hers. I hope its not wrong of me to go into a date in hopes of having her match me up. For this too work, either shes gonna have to look and act younger to soop to my level because i sure as hell cant soop to being a mature 25 year old. And to tell you the truth I think i look and act younger than 25. I guess we'll find out.

Friday, April 20, 2007

Is suburban Flatbush life over?

My block used to be a nice dead-end residential area in the middle of Flatbush. Neighbors had kids of all ages, pretty just the right amount of people living on the block. Parking was easy--easier at least--to find with nice lawns outside of many houses. Now, I would say in the past 10 years, there have been some major changes. There has been an influx of children running around and overall a much more crowded block from what it was back in the 90's. Parking has been increasingly more difficult to find, with neighbors knocking down their lawns to supply them with a driveway. A few months ago, my old non-Jewish neighbor died, who had a very old small house and a ton of land smack in the middle of the block. Everyone knew that when she died there would be hundreds of people looking to buy that property. Eventually, for the right amount someone actually did.

A developer ended up purchasing this house as a business proposition. He plans to build two three family houses on the lot. That is six new families. If our lack of parking was already pushing its limits, this will definitely take it over the edge. Also, another slew of possibly 30 more kids screaming and running around. Say goodbye to all their bushes and beautiful greenery that is surrounding that house. They want to make my block like 16th Ave., where they pile as many yashivash families as they can into condominiums. This frum businessman comes to my block to profit off of our expense. What does he care, he's not going to live there. I am trying to prevent this from happening, although I'm not having much luck. It looks like suburban Flatbush living is pretty much over.

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Engaged girls with out rings?

Ok, so I hate to admit I don’t approach girls as often as I should. I guess that can be a combination of my shyness and fear of rejection. But yesterday, I tried to overcome my fear and defeat my shyness. As I was davending or at least being in shul where I was suppose to be davending, I couldn’t help but notice a nice young girl on the other side of the mechitza. After davending ended, I still couldn’t help but notice, she appeared to be alone. As I watch her make her way downstairs and into the Kiddush, she was still alone and kept and looking back at me. So, I’m like, that’s it. I approached her and started chatting her up. Like 10 minutes into our conversation, she breaks the news to me that shes engaged to a chasidshe guy and her fiancĂ© has an aufruf somewhere. I’m thinking, she’s here alone in shul and enjoying our conversation, either shes lying or something is up with her and her fiancĂ©. I then said, sorry I didn’t see a ring on your finger, and she said she left it home because she wanted people to come over to her because she was scared of being at a kiddish alone.

Her telling me this news didn’t stop us from talking, we continued on for another 20 minutes or so till I walked her back home. I asked if its ok to walk her, people may think something is weird, she responded something to the effect that I can be her cousin. Also to confirm that she wasn’t making stuff up, I asked my brother if he knows this guy she is suppose to be marrying in June. He does. Until the next girl I approach, hopefully that one won’t be engaged.

Friday, April 6, 2007

Who knew police officers are that interesting

It always amazes me how the police who watch the frum communities over the major yom tovim, always do it with a smile. Although its their job and their supervisor gave the order to stand on corners and watch the shuls; but they always appear happy to do it. Last night, I saw this guy, so as a kind gesture i greeted him with a 'how you doing', his response was 'good but cold'. He also seemed totally interested in busting out a conversation with me. I guess boredom comes with the territory. after all he has been on that corner for nearly 6 hours and nothing all that interesting ever happened on this corner.
For some reason, i also enjoy watching on yom tov when 20 little frum kids start asking them a million questions, and the officers are always eager to listen and answer their questions. I'm not sure what i would do if i had a bunch of frum kids asking me how many times i shot my gun and if ever killed anyone. But they seemed interested. I guess i have that child within me that finds the police so fascinating and always interesting to schmooze with when their standing around my corner (not so much when they are giving me a ticket).

Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Happy pesach, Jews!

Courtesy of the corporate-casual blog , I thought i just had to put it on here.