Monday, July 30, 2007

Where do frum singles live in NY besides the city?

I've been thinking about moving out of my house for some time now, rather out of Flatbush. But every time I contemplate the move, I realize my options are limited. The obvious neighborhood to move to when one is still single post college would be the Upper West Side. But I don’t think I'm going to be moving there any time soon, because I think that the people there really suck. The next place would be Washington Heights. Then again, I’m not a YU guy and probably would feel out of place there. I also heard it’s very cliquey there. Is that is all? Only two places?

The only places I would love to move to locally would be Williamsburg (not the Chasidic part) and Park Slope. There is something about those places that really lure me. Maybe it’s because the grungy look or the ‘I don’t care what I wear’ look they give off, as opposed to the West Side always dressed to impress and their snotty attitude. If only there was a small Jewish singles scene in those two Brooklyn places who have that same chilled out outlook in life. I can overlook their liberal political outlook. The rent is another issue. Every Jewish singles area is so expensive, but I think Brooklyn is a drop less expensive, but I’m sure it's still ridiculously pricey. What's a simple frum Jewish single guy to do?

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Really really expensive singles weekends

I’m not one to really do these singles weekends out in the country. This came to mind this week, as it being Shabbos Nachamu and I know many people go away this weekend, married and single alike. I know FrumSatire wrote about his experiences at many of these places, some good, many bad. One of the reasons I never went away of these weekend ordeals, which there more than just the finance reason but for this post I am going to stick to this reason, is that they are so frigin expensive. I heard this place advertised last week on the Jewish radio show saying they have a “cheap” package where it’s only 700 dollars a person. Are they out of the mind? Like hell I would pay out that kind of cash for 2 nights listening to speeches galore. I know there are many of them for 300 dollars during the year, but even that is a crazy amount to pay. I think the max I would pay is 100 bucks.

The people making these events are out there to make a huge profit and don’t really care about getting people married. They must have a great marketing staff to get people out there I tell you. If these organization really cared about the so called ‘single crisis’, they would get sponsors and/or charge us what it costs, and quit viewing it as a business venture. Tell these people to stop being typical jews and stop thinking with their wallet and Acuras.

Monday, July 23, 2007

Tisha baav and working

I’m pretty happy the 3 weeks are almost over. Despite me not really holding back on much, due to the fact that I shaved and have listened to some music for 3 weeks (although very little during the 9 days though), but now I can go back to eating meat and listen to music guilt free. Also, now I can plan my rest of the summer activities, although there really isn’t much planned as of now.
But, what sucks when the 3 weeks end, it concludes with a major fast. I’m ok with fasting sometimes, I don’t enjoy it obviously, but it’s doable, which reminds me, some people have asked me if I am working on Tisha baav, and I keep on answering them yes. The simple reason is because I know if I don’t work, ill be sitting on my ass all day watching TV. So to me, working is more productive and more spiritual than watching oprah in the afternoon. I know many of the frummie people will tell me, go to a speech or something instead of watching TV. I know myself pretty well, that is not happening. I had my share my depressing speeches about the beis hamikdash back in the camp days. Those days are long gone. Nowadays, watching my coworkers eat their big Macs on tisha baav is enough pain and suffering for me to remind me of the destruction.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Frummies like money

Once again, frum people are in the news trying to make the extra buck, although not necessarily the ethical way. Once again, I am to think these are the bad apples of our community and not the frum community as hole.

The story of the observant Jew trying to sue Jetblue airlines is really angry at them because he claims they fired him because he kept shabbos. I am too believe that, according to the article, that he spoke to the CEO of the airline. Yeh, this entry level customer service rep had a discussion with a multibillion dollar airline CEO. It is just very hard to believe. I think he just wants to make a case and make some money. I know some people who couldn’t get hired because of shabbos, but they moved on. Does he really think he’s going to get millions of dollars? Hell, how do I make one?

The other case I’m sure everyone heard already is the one at Touro College where staff member were accused of a scheme where people can buy them selves a dimploma for 3000 bucks. Damn, why wasn’t I told of this before they got busted? I could use a few MBA’s and Masters Degrees. I know this happens at non-Jewish institutions as well, but Touro? The popular place because their so ‘frum’ and because some campuses have the separate heimeshe atmosphere. I guess Frum jews are like everyone else in this world, with equal number of money hungry immoral thieves out to screw others.

Monday, July 16, 2007

NSF's car accident

Not so frummie had a pretty tough weekend. On the way home from the beach yesterday, I was involved in a car accident. I guess the good thing is im ok, but my car is totally totaled. I was driving in the right lane behind this Infiniti, and then suddenly he slows down and stops, as I do the same thing. The lady driving the minivan behind me didn’t quite get the hint of my brake lights and was probably driving up my ass, slammed went right into me right after I stopped which caused me to go right into the Infiniti. Next thing I know, my seat went into the incline position, my airbags flew out (which were completely useless as they weren’t even near my face) with the smoke coming out of it, and my radio flew out of my dashboard luckily not hitting me in the face. The super big gulp I just purchased at the 7 -11, well, flew everywhere. I then see this butch looking lady run over to my car and yelling ‘are you ok, how many fingers am I holding up’. The correct answer is three. Being able to answer it correctly, I turn off my engine and got out of the smoky car to see the damage. It was bad. Front and back were completely caved in.

About 5 cop cars came, some ambulances, and a fire truck came to manage the area for about a half hours and took down all the info, cleaned the place up, then took my car to a pound. Speaking about the pound, these guys look and act like the most dishonest white trash people I have ever met. I now have to leave it there until the lady’s insurance comes and looks at my car. Let’s hope when I pick up my belongings its all there and cooperate when the donation organization comes to pick up the car.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Remembering all the dates you went on

Recently, I’ve been thinking about all my dates I’ve been on since I started and how many of them I’ve been on. The problem is I am having trouble remembering. When I began dating, I thought ill be all organized so when I get married I can have proof of how many and which girls I’ve dated and show it to my future wife. Naturally, after about a year or two of dating, I began getting lazy or forgetting to upgrade my list of names, and eventually not entering any new names to the list. This list also helped me remember if I get matched up with a girl I already dated so I don’t redate them. I’m not really in the mood of doubles, if it didn’t work the first time, I doubt it will work the second time. Recently, it has been a little bit easier remembering the girls I dated because of facebook. I or her usually friend each other even if its only one date. But then again not everyone is on there.

So I began recreating a list at work of all the girls I went out with. I tried remembering them by name; but that wasn’t going too happened. I tried remembering them by the person who set me up, I was able to recall a few. I tried thinking of all the different places I’ve been too and tried to remember them by that, I was able to pick up a few more. But I know im still missing a bunch. Am I evil for not knowing the girls I went out with? Its not even like I went out with a huge number, I am sure it’s about average or below average number of girls of what someone my age have gone out with. According to my IT lady, who by accident needed my computer out of the blue and noticed my worksheet open and said “wow – impressive’. But little does she know the way frum jewish people or the way I date. Most of those were 1 or 2 dates and not even sure why I went out with them. Do most people remember all the girls (or guys if you’re a girl) they have gone out with. Oh well.

Monday, July 9, 2007

The dead Flatbush I look forward to all year.

I know most people best time of year is the summer because of the wonderful weather and when most people take vacation time from their jobs, but I like it this time (I blogged little while ago that I like it because of the girls dressing down), because flatbush empties out. This is when the real authentic Flatbush reveals itself. This is when Di Fara’s pizza place has more people on line than all the kosher pizza places on J combined. This is when all the Camry’s and Accords take their pilgrimage upstate. Finally, I can walk around on shabbos and see non-frum/non-jewish and frum in equal numbers. No dealing with the snotty kids everywhere. Not to mention the parking situation. I don’t have to circle the Ave J area 3 times till I find a spot only to the loose it to a minivan. And now I don’t have to weave in out of lanes of double parked cars to get to bagel hole.

As much as I like the country life, I can’t bring myself going up to the Catskills for the weekend and deal with Flatbush in the mountains. Ill do Sunday trips somewhere in the mountains and only deal with mad rush of minivans on the palisades with out any direct eye contact unless to tell him that there’s no way he’s getting into my lane. Besides that, its back to my dead Flatbush I look forward to all year.

Thursday, July 5, 2007

Do I know you?

This annoyed me a little bit earlier. I was recently matched up with a girl by a close friend of mine. He clearly knows me and her very well. But then she apparently asked some girl about me, who told her that she doesn’t think it’s a good match and a date is not worthwhile.

My friend gave me the name of the other girl who claims to know me, but I have no idea who she is. Why is this person claiming to know me and then telling someone not to go out with me? I originally called it ‘bad-mouthing,’ which is nasty, but maybe she is just giving false information, as opposed to bad information. Regardless, it is still lying and I really would like to know why she's claiming to know me. I would have recognized her name if I dated her, but it doesn’t ring a bell. Do I have a right to be annoyed or just assume that she does know me and she honestly thinks this will not work out?

Monday, July 2, 2007

Boro Parkers are holier than Flatbush people

I found this sort of obnoxious. While waiting in line at Bagel Hole, a Chasidic Boro Parker looking lady comes inside and begins questioning the worker of what the Kashrus is. Now, all I can think when she asked this; who the hell does she think she is asking such a reputable kosher place what their kashrush is. The entire Flatbush eats there; almost every bris I’ve been too was done by them. Does she really think it’s not kosher? This isn’t some rarely used kosher establishment which is some times questionable in some place in middle of no where. This is frigin Bagel Hole on Coney Island Ave, the best bagels in Brooklyn I may add, but extremely trust worthy. Is she holier than though? Is she better than me or anyone else who never asked bagel hole or any other popular kosher Flatbush joint whether they are kosher or not?

Maybe being from Boro Park, she was taught never to trust anyone or anyone ‘below’ her like the Flatbush people. This is almost as bad as the person who goes to Bar Mitzvahs and weddings of frum people and start questioning the People making the event what the kashrus is. I find that to be very chutzpadik, It’s like they don’t trust the people making the event. One has to trust people like themselves and not make believe your so much better and frummer than everyone else because you asked what the hashgacha is.