Thursday, December 13, 2007

Listen kids - you dont always have to listen to the Rabbis!

I know it’s been a while since I blogged, and no, I am not sure if I am making a come back, but I just didn’t want to leave it blank forever an dleave some people hanging and my job has been kinda lame since I stopped. It’s also not like I have been doing anything productive since I stopped writing.

Part of this post is to rebell a recent article someone told me he saw in the Jewish Observer. The article, written by a yeshivisha guy, blasted bloggers that write about putting down frumkeit and rabbonim and how it is hurting the younger generation. All I can think, how can I stop and not help out his cause at all cost. I must go back and piss them off more. I still have anger on the Rabonim and frumkeit as a whole; I must still continue to write bad things about the Rabbis and help ‘damage’ the minds of younger generation. This is what makes me sleep better at night.

How dare Frum Jews think for them selves? How dare frum jews find a way to make their point and have people hear it at will. How dare we question the higher authorities? Although I was glad to hear some of the comments were blasting the writer, but its still disturbing to hear that there are junkies out there who are scared of people realizing the “rabonim’ are not always right and we have a right to ask questions and argue and not ‘do as they say’. So kids, what have you learnt here; “Don’t always trust the Rabonim”! Now I can sleep tonight.