Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Lets Go Back to Arranged Marriages

I am probably the only one who thinks this, but this may be the only solution to the problem we are having in frum NY community. Allow me to explain. We are leaving the choice on who their children are to marry whom they themselves are seeking the best qualities out there. which in many instances are ending up with nothing. What happened to the 'marry this person and work it out later' theory. Every one will be forced to have these arranged wives and learn to like them for who they are and all that bull shit. Plus, i have faith in my parents that they will get me the hottest chic out there and the other positive character traits I am looking for, they have pretty good taste in woman and know what i like. Down with with girls who are looking for the Lawyer type and learns by daf yomi every morning. its not that i cant find a girl on my own, but every girl out there is the same frigin way and want the same exact guy. Not many guys i know out there fit their criteria. Im not going to law school just so a girl will actually be interesting in me more. Arranged wives will have to suck it up with their regular middle income hubbie for the rest of their lives. Now, who's with me.

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Frum highway moochers deserve to crash

Ok, so maybe my title is a bit too mean and extreme. maybe just enough of a chrash with out resulting any fatalities or injuries will teach them a lesson. and what lesson is this? Is thinking just because im a frum guy with a yalmuka on, will I be nice to a fellow yalmuka or sheital wearing jew on the highways of NYC. This didnt happend recently, but reminded me of an incident while driving on the FDR the other night right by the brooklyn bridge entrance ramp. Now, i regrettably admit of mooching from the middle lane to the right exit only lane on the highway, but i try and to avoid doing so at all costs. But never do i base my cutting into a lane based on their frumness. This happend more than once, where a frum person shoots thru the traffic-free lane, then towards the end, they start browsing car to car near the entrance of the exit lane looking for the frum victim and who will be so kind as to let them in. 'After all we both frum', right? no! they must wait in traffic for the 25 minuntes just like everyone else who has places to be and if you must mooch, just do it based on your abilites of doing so, not on their yalmuka.

Monday, January 29, 2007

'out of towner' date recap

Ok, So I'm a little new with going out with girls from outside of the NYC area. Although, i always wanted to go out with them, as they are know to be a lot more normal than the local girls Ive been going out with since the beginning of dating, but i was never sure exactly how they are suppose to work. So, this weekend i finally went out with a girl from 3 1/2 hrs out of NY (gonna try and be as vague as I try not to reveal too much detail). What is good about this, is that the girl was so kind to come in for a really quick weekend trip with 1 available night for a date, but she claims she was here to visit some relatives. Regardless, i would never travel more than an hour for a date.
Now, I went into this date with this frame of mind, as i am sure she did also. This needs to be a really awesome date for this to actually work out. I ain't driving out there while she ain't coming back if its not worth while and chances of that happening isn't all that great. Like an OK date will not suffice. Which was exactly like that. I sure as hell not driving out there, but if she lived locally i would've for sure go out again, but have no idea if that what she was thinking. And i guess I'm not worth another 7 hr drive. Please tell me, how do people who drive in for dates rationalize a need for continuing on for a 2nd or 3rd date and etc.

Friday, January 26, 2007

Sex talk amongst married guys is just wrong

Speaking publicly about your sex life is always wrong in my book. But these discussions i keep on having to listen to, took another step further, and these are ex-yeshiva guys we are talking about here. You see, last night at the party i was at their wives were there, so their conversation was a bit tamer. When their wives aren't present, all hell breaks loose. They can bring up, whos wife is the hottest and who the best lover. I mean, seriously? they are talking about doing each others wife as if their talking about which team is gonna win the Superbowl. Conversations have even gone do doing a three some. what would their wives do if they find out about this talk. Some of these ex-yeshiva guys have kids. when i get married, i wanna keep my sex life as private as i can, and i hope i never compare her to anothers friends wife and that if there was a wife at the table ill do so and so's wife. its just wrong. I can think alot of sexual fantasies, but thats as far as one should go, not to the husband of this hot wife.

P.S thanks for all encouraging feedback regarding me not getting many comments. I got myself a sitemeter to measure the hits as well as trying to post as many other blogs as possibly can.

Thursday, January 25, 2007

I like Beer and Girls (in no particular order)

Although I have an average of a half a comment per post I put up, I will not be discouraged and slack off in writing my blog. Im sure one day, people will type in the relevant tags and view the brilliance I put into this, or lack thereof. So, I said something on dating and TV yesterday, I just wanted to mention about the places which I go to and do there might be looked upon as not a ‘jewishy date’, but it boils down to this; I like beer. Well, any alcohol as long its not straight hard liquor. Now, this may be at some nice grungy bar place and all I want that night is down a pint or 2 of beer or a glass or 2 of vodka and cranberries. Im not downing shots of tequila here, im being within means. I find it very chilling. It also shows the level of ‘chillin’ the girl possesses. If shes totally cool with it, that’s my kinda girl. So, say hello to moore beeer.

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

A date or TV

So, having arranged a date for this coming weekend, i just like to remind myself of my priorities and decision making when dating a girl. This current girl claims to want a guy who wants a TV and movie kinda guy. Im more than down with that, but ive been told that many times before. I keep on hearing she wants a TV in the house and wants to watch movies, but then when i actually go out with them, their view seems to differ than what was told to me by the shadchan. One claims she watches now, but once kids come along, say good bye to all TV. When i say, i want a TV, i mean long term. I mean i wanna be lying on my death bed still holding my tube. Its not that TV is alot more important to me than a girl, but after a long day of work i like to sit down and not talk to anyone while I just stare and watch the TV. I dont know about you but i cant talk for hours on end, i get tired and loose focus. I can talk briefly, then mouth and mind needs some relaxation. In addition to the bull shit Nidah laws where you cant have sex half the month, what else are we suppose to do. I forgot to mention, if a girl says no to TV now, who knows what she gonna ban next and what shes gonna be strict about next. So, you see its not all about the idiot box in debate here, its all what it represents. And no, watching DVD's on ones laptop doesn't count. Am i the only one who thinks this way?

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

i deserve a seat on my train

This has nothing to do with frumness or anything Jewish, just a rant. Being a law abiding and tax paying citizen, after a long day of work I would like to relax in a seat on the train. Rather, not being barely knocked over on the train by an illegal immigrant from behind so she can get the seat before me. But excuse me, the MTA is funded majorly by government dollars, my tax money so that we can get travel to and from work in NY (at least the tourists are pouring in billion of dollars into the economy and have a lot more respect when entering the train). Don't I have so much more right to a seat after a day of work than someone who jumps the border and don't pay taxes. I'm all for them coming here and living the American dream, but remember who's paying taxes and who's country their living in.

frummie wedding recap

So now i know im not the only one reading my own blog, i can continue writing in it. Despite 1 (half my total comments) was the blog feed moderator from the feed i joined. I still cant figure that part out. i have no idea if im registered with jrant yet or not. hmm. anywhom, ive been to enough weddings in my life to know what expect, so i was not surprised with this one. Naturally, they had the 'its ok to see the girls at the shmorg but not ok to watch them eat there. But that issue has been overly covered im sure by every other blog and jewish tabloids. Then people wonder why the singles are so unsociable to the other sex. Im sure if you give them opportunities to develop experience in it they wouldnt feel so awkward. Their almost alien-like until they havta marry the opposite sex, then they some how make it work and be happy. another thing i noticed, all the girls are wearing the tightest skankiest outfit to these weddings. i have no problem with that, but then you got the guys with black hats all starring (during the chupa and shmorg of course). these double standards are killing me.

Monday, January 22, 2007

frum weddings suck

So now that I currently have access to the Internet from work, i can update my blog much more often and periodically throughout the day. I'm gonna try and keep them short and to the point. Ive seen some blogs as long as essays, and loose focus halfway through. This one I'm gonna focus on the frum weddings, the brooklyny style weddings and the obnoxious people that attend. where people come dressed up as everyone is better looking and fancier than everyone else. Some look like they have spent more money on make up and their gown then their down payment. i have a wedding later tonight, which i feel is gonna be another one of these typical weddings. How much make up do these married woman havta apply to their face. what are the husbands thinking of their wives doin this. Who are they attracting? And the men, why do they havta wear those expensive looking suits while clicking on their blackberries during the chupa? who are they trying to impress. Makes you wonder?

Thursday, January 18, 2007

My View

So, this my first posting on this blog, or any blog for that matter. So I hope my opinions, as time goes on, become more outspoken and entertaining for the reader. I am no writer of any sort, so my grammar, spelling, and general coherency will probably be out of whack. But i am sure you will get what you need to know through my words. My college professor and English teachers can do it, so can you. That said, here is my general view of the frum world we live in. We are run by a select group of older rabbis who are old school, and who i may add commit plenty of wrongdoings of their own kind, and they are the ones who decide whats best for us. Next we have the Brooklyn mentality of having no respect for others and a feeling of superiority. One would think with all that Torah in their head, some good may actually come of it, well apparently not. Then we have the brooklyn jew girls, no matter ugly or fat, educated or not, deserving or not, going after the 1 nice tall good looking hotshot lawyer guy, and expect nothing less. i will go into greater details and stories as i think of them and as i continue this blog, but for not ill leave it as that. Am i the only one who thinks this way, are there others, i would love to hear your opinions..