Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Lets Go Back to Arranged Marriages

I am probably the only one who thinks this, but this may be the only solution to the problem we are having in frum NY community. Allow me to explain. We are leaving the choice on who their children are to marry whom they themselves are seeking the best qualities out there. which in many instances are ending up with nothing. What happened to the 'marry this person and work it out later' theory. Every one will be forced to have these arranged wives and learn to like them for who they are and all that bull shit. Plus, i have faith in my parents that they will get me the hottest chic out there and the other positive character traits I am looking for, they have pretty good taste in woman and know what i like. Down with with girls who are looking for the Lawyer type and learns by daf yomi every morning. its not that i cant find a girl on my own, but every girl out there is the same frigin way and want the same exact guy. Not many guys i know out there fit their criteria. Im not going to law school just so a girl will actually be interesting in me more. Arranged wives will have to suck it up with their regular middle income hubbie for the rest of their lives. Now, who's with me.


FrumSatire said...

So basically you might as well marry anyone you can get even if they arent for you. Dude if people were arranged in marriage the divorce rate would be nearly 100% not merely 52%.

If people cant find someone to marry- just stay single gezunta heit.

Yo what happened to your link to my site?

Jacob Da Jew said...

Yea,what about people who parents are dead or live in a different country..

Note to the Newbie:It is blogger etiquette to actually respond to comments left on your own blog..please do so!

Yea,where's my link too,dawg?

Kindly show some appreciation when people actually take the time to give you a helping hand..otherwise that hand might shove you down a flight of stairs instead!

LT said...


I've made two major, MAJOR posts on just this exact topic in the last week or so!

At the risk of sounding like a shameless self-promoter (and I really never do this... but dude... same exact, and JUST this week!), here are the links:

In Praise of Arranged Marriages

The Modern Orthodox Singles Crisis, Explained

PS - Frumsatire, I thought your list of reasons Lubavitch are great was hysterical.

Notsofrummie said...

I apoligize to all if i offended anyone. I am still a 'newbie' here and still figuring stuff out. First for not doing research on past blogs whether my topics were covered or not. secondly, if i didnt listen to your advice right away and understand this 'linking' business. I didnt realize its a manual thing, i thought it goes automaticly. And thirdly, in the future i will try to contribute in my comments section more frequently. I do thank you for reading and commenting on my posts though. And please keep them coming. This is a learning process here. i will get better (and hopefully more original) or else i may loose my all my readers.

Lakewood Venter said...

welcome Mr. Newbie....good luck to you.

socialworker/frustrated mom said... um um let me think about this one lol. Oh and thanks for adding my link.:)

LT said...

I apoligize to all if i offended anyone. I am still a 'newbie' here and still figuring stuff out.

Not offended in the slightest. If anything, your apologies and attempts to make things right are showing that you have good intentions and you really do want to be a positive member of this J-blogosphere community. Besides, I'm newish too, so who am I to criticize?

First for not doing research on past blogs whether my topics were covered or not.

Don't sweat it too much. You could do research and still miss pertinent stuff. There's just soooo much out there, it's impossible to read it all, or even search it all effectively.

secondly, if i didnt listen to your advice right away and understand this 'linking' business. I didnt realize its a manual thing, i thought it goes automaticly.

Advice is just that - advice. You're under no obligation to take it. ;-)

And thirdly, in the future i will try to contribute in my comments section more frequently.

It's a style thing. Some bloggers make a point of trying to respond to everything. Others are VERY limited in responses and generally have the attitude that their blog is for them, their comment section is for their readers.

The advice given was decent advice... early on, until you develop a committed readership, it's generally a good idea to respond yourself and develop interpersonal connections with other bloggers.

I do thank you for reading and commenting on my posts though.

Hey, thanks for blogging!

PS - one slight request on my end - I've noticed you added my blog to your links. It's very appreciated! But I would be appreciative if you could change the link so that it says "Da Boys of 905" or some variation of that. I'm LT, but I'm only one of several contributors. ;-)

Notsofrummie said...

LT - will change the link when i have a chance.
FrumSatire - where the hell do you get your numbers from and why the hell do you think there will be a hundred percent divorce rate. You think in these muslim and Buddist countries where it still common, everyone is getting divorced?

a junior said...

not 2 realistic but anything beats the current system

Frum Bocher said...

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