Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Frum highway moochers deserve to crash

Ok, so maybe my title is a bit too mean and extreme. maybe just enough of a chrash with out resulting any fatalities or injuries will teach them a lesson. and what lesson is this? Is thinking just because im a frum guy with a yalmuka on, will I be nice to a fellow yalmuka or sheital wearing jew on the highways of NYC. This didnt happend recently, but reminded me of an incident while driving on the FDR the other night right by the brooklyn bridge entrance ramp. Now, i regrettably admit of mooching from the middle lane to the right exit only lane on the highway, but i try and to avoid doing so at all costs. But never do i base my cutting into a lane based on their frumness. This happend more than once, where a frum person shoots thru the traffic-free lane, then towards the end, they start browsing car to car near the entrance of the exit lane looking for the frum victim and who will be so kind as to let them in. 'After all we both frum', right? no! they must wait in traffic for the 25 minuntes just like everyone else who has places to be and if you must mooch, just do it based on your abilites of doing so, not on their yalmuka.


Jacob Da Jew said...

Never happened to me..but then again,i usually take off my kipa as to let the wind roar thru the car.

Jacob Da Jew said...

"Your very welcome,son.do you know how to add links to other blogs?
Well,let me tell you-
Go to Templates ,click on page elements
then click on "link list"
thats it."

That was my prev. comment on ur blog.

when you go into "Templates" -Add page element" you can do whatever u want there!

Now quit pissing me off(I hate when people disregard my comments).

Notsofrummie said...

Unfortunately i dont drive a convertable and now its waay to cold to have windos open.

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