Thursday, January 25, 2007

I like Beer and Girls (in no particular order)

Although I have an average of a half a comment per post I put up, I will not be discouraged and slack off in writing my blog. Im sure one day, people will type in the relevant tags and view the brilliance I put into this, or lack thereof. So, I said something on dating and TV yesterday, I just wanted to mention about the places which I go to and do there might be looked upon as not a ‘jewishy date’, but it boils down to this; I like beer. Well, any alcohol as long its not straight hard liquor. Now, this may be at some nice grungy bar place and all I want that night is down a pint or 2 of beer or a glass or 2 of vodka and cranberries. Im not downing shots of tequila here, im being within means. I find it very chilling. It also shows the level of ‘chillin’ the girl possesses. If shes totally cool with it, that’s my kinda girl. So, say hello to moore beeer.


LT said...

"I like Beer and Girls (in no particular order)"

No particular order? I call BS.

You have a choice between a case of beer and a girl...

Which do you pick?

LT said...

Oh, and as for your lament that more people don't read your blog, I'll give you the same advice I gave another blogger a few weeks ago (not that you asked, but hey):

Go to lots of other blogs and leave comments. Try to become a "regular" on some other blogs you like - eventually, the owner of that blog will likely check you and your blog out.

Also, link to other blogs frequently. Most bloggers have tools that show them who referred visiters to their blog, as well as tools that can show them who is linking to them. People might notice your blog when they see you've linked to them.

I know that it can be disheartening to blog and get little feedback... but if you define success in terms of visitors or comments, you may be in for a frustrating experience. The estimate that the average blog has even one loyal reader is probably generous - there are millions upon millions of blogs out there. My suggestion to you is to blog for yourself - treat it as a public journal. Use it to help you sort out your thoughts - and if you pick up some visitors and develop a community, then great. But if you don't, perhaps you'll have gained something in the writing itself.

A good friend once gave me a journal with the quote "Thinking is to talk with one's soul - Writing is to listen to it."

Here's to listening.

Rafi Goldmeier said...

Although I have an average of a half a comment per post I put up, I will not be discouraged and slack off in writing my blog

patience, my friend. patience. you just started this blog. it is 6 posts old. it takes time and effort for people to find you. Link to other blogs. comment on other blogs.. build it and they will come.

Ro said...

I like beer and since I am a girl...well that part doesen't count.

Don't worry about the whole comment thing...the most comments I ever get are when I post rants about dating and or kvetching about something I don't usually write about. :)

Jacob Da Jew said...

Dude ,welcome to my world.As IT says,you gotta give to get.Comment and link,thus spoke JacobDaJew!

Also ,if you do have an original thought(I get those once in a while)go ahead and email the big boys.You never know ,they might give you a guest post.I did that and now i'm approaching the 1000 mark YAY!

Jacob Da Jew said...

o.k. dude,I'm in the mood and youre it.I'm gonna school you just like others have helped me.

Go to

Get yourself a sitemeter so you see how many people have been visiting your site so you dont feel like no one shows up.

Jacob Da Jew said...

Also,no one can send you any email!
Flesh out your profile,give out your email addy and some interesting facts on your life.

Get some pics up,try to imagine someone visiting your want them to hang out,right?So quit bitching so much about one topic and be more original.

That will $250 ,thanks .LOL

P.S.if you have any questions on the tech part of running a blog ,feel free to email me.I dont always bite.If you cant find my email ,well,then you really do suck!

Jacob Da Jew said...

Beer or girls...See if you go for the girl first,you might not get the girl as alot of girls hate beer.

but if you go for beer first,you get beer goggles and is wayyy simpler!

FrumSatire said...

Dude I like beer and girls too. Ok I average 400 hits a day on my blog. Have had it a little over 7 months and have on average gotten 2 comments per day. Happens to be- I dont leave comments very often on other peoples blogs because frankly they dont interest me and I blog for myself and the few ppl who I know that laugh their asses off while reading it- that is all.

But thank you for heeding the advice to de-regulate the comments- 8 comments is way more then I get on 99% of my posts

socialworker/frustrated mom said...

comment on lots of blogs so ppl will know who you are. I don't beer drinkers oh well lol.

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