Thursday, July 5, 2007

Do I know you?

This annoyed me a little bit earlier. I was recently matched up with a girl by a close friend of mine. He clearly knows me and her very well. But then she apparently asked some girl about me, who told her that she doesn’t think it’s a good match and a date is not worthwhile.

My friend gave me the name of the other girl who claims to know me, but I have no idea who she is. Why is this person claiming to know me and then telling someone not to go out with me? I originally called it ‘bad-mouthing,’ which is nasty, but maybe she is just giving false information, as opposed to bad information. Regardless, it is still lying and I really would like to know why she's claiming to know me. I would have recognized her name if I dated her, but it doesn’t ring a bell. Do I have a right to be annoyed or just assume that she does know me and she honestly thinks this will not work out?


Anonymous said...

hey not so frummie
what the hell is up with that. that girl is a real jerk. there is always a chance that any date will work out. telling a girl that the match isnt good is like planting the seeds of failure. this may not necessarily happen and the date may go awesome. that still did not give her the right.
hopefully nothing bad will come out of it. just go with the flow dude and youll be fine.
By the way, how did you find what the girl said? just curious.
by the way, great blog.

Lance said...

It's so frustrating when things don't work out before they even start. I have this awful need to be liked by all, so I'd hate to hear that someone I don't even remember meeting had a negative impression of me. But maybe she was just saving ya from a really bad date?

~ Sarah ~ said...

i'd be annoyed if i were you but there's not much you can do about it.

flatbush gal said...

i would try to get in touch with that girl! tell her what you heard, see wuts up with it.

rebelwithacause said...

I have had a similar situation happen to me once. I called up a shidduch's chavrusa to ask him about the guy. However this conversation turned into an investigative conversation about me. He later went to my shidduch and said things I did not say. For example I told him that my dad does not follow any religion and he told the boy that through his investigation he found out that my dad follows a religion. A big fat lie! He told him that he should marry a "full jew" and not a person like me who has a non Jewish father. I think you should just ignore these two girls. Do you know why?
-Your shidduch to be, she has no self opinion and intelligence. If she was an intelligent girl she would not have listened to others and would have met you. Do you need a future wife who continually nags you cause she listens to the opinions of others and corners you in? Now that's one f**** up relationship you don't wanna be in.
-Maybe she did not talk to that girl at all and this was her fake reason for not meeting you. Maybe she is a gold digger and she was not impressed by your profession. I am a female myself and I am sorry to say that unfortunately some women are money hungry bitches. You never know.
-Let's say that girl did say negative things about you and the girl listened to it and met you later. Do you really need these type of people around you? Even if this girl agreed to meet up, she would still gossip with the nasty girl.

So basically, I think it was good riddance. You need a girl with a head over her shoulders, someone who is intelligent, and independent thinker, and no fakeadox mongoloids.

youknowwho said...

rebelwithacause hits the money. If the girl u were being set up with is foolish enough to blindly listen to a girl who obviously doesn't know u very well, then she apparently has little independence of thought and would only cramp your style. While understanding your frustration, it helps to realize that you probably don't want to wind up with a girl like that anyway. The irony behind it all is that the girl u were being set up with ends up as the ultimate loser here, though she has no one to blame but herself.
As rebel mentioned earlier, good riddance.

Anonymous said...

hey, its me again, the fisrt anonymous that posted. i really have nothing more to add and i totally agree with the other posts. so why do i post something now? because there was some major name calling i wanted to be in on that. yeah yeah. these people who spread rumors are such losers. in addition, they are egotistical scum. you gives you the right ruin a possible shidduch. who the hell do you think you are.
cool. i feel so angry now.

Anonymous said...

by the way, earlier i wrote
"you gives you the right"
i meant
"WHO gives you the right"
good shabbos people.

Notsofrummie said...

Initially I was told by my friend that girl is a 'chilled out' person. Apparently that turned out not to be the case, by listening and trusting someone who has no idea who I am over I dont know what or from a guy who knows me well. At least now i know what type of girl she really is. Both girls are at fault here and good thing i never went out with either of them.

residency year sucks said...

Hey NSF, maybe there are people that know you that you are unaware of, for example, via your blog. Lets say the friend reads your blog and knows that her friend is not looking for an NSF but rather a YSF (yesofrummie), is there anything wrong then for her friend to turn you down?

Notsofrummie said...

flatbush gal - i can send her a facebook message but there isnt much good is going to come of it. there both bitches in my book

Rebel - you hit it right on. thats very shallow to listen to opinions of other to choose a mate. then they complain why they arent married yet. The same ones who are 'hungry money bitches'. I have no interest in ever meeting up these 2 or people like them, even if they change their mind.

RYS - girls dont know my real name, i dont think the person who matched me up told them my NSF blogger name.

jenn said...

I was set up with a guy who sounds like exactly what Im looking for...his parents are really interested and are pressurinf him...he wont go out with me because someone told him our personalities wont i mean really personalities? who can judge that? You always see ppl together that ud never expect...ppl are jerks

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