Friday, April 6, 2007

Who knew police officers are that interesting

It always amazes me how the police who watch the frum communities over the major yom tovim, always do it with a smile. Although its their job and their supervisor gave the order to stand on corners and watch the shuls; but they always appear happy to do it. Last night, I saw this guy, so as a kind gesture i greeted him with a 'how you doing', his response was 'good but cold'. He also seemed totally interested in busting out a conversation with me. I guess boredom comes with the territory. after all he has been on that corner for nearly 6 hours and nothing all that interesting ever happened on this corner.
For some reason, i also enjoy watching on yom tov when 20 little frum kids start asking them a million questions, and the officers are always eager to listen and answer their questions. I'm not sure what i would do if i had a bunch of frum kids asking me how many times i shot my gun and if ever killed anyone. But they seemed interested. I guess i have that child within me that finds the police so fascinating and always interesting to schmooze with when their standing around my corner (not so much when they are giving me a ticket).


Jacob Da Jew said...

They aren't always so friendly


Ari Kinsberg said...

1) ditto to jacob

2) "always do it with a smile."

that's because watching a shul is much easier and safer than watching a corner in east new york