Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Getting stuck in the Lincoln Tunnel sucks!

Has anyone car died on the highway twice in 1 year and cause major delays. This is the second time my car died on me on a major highway. The first time is a story in itself, getting stuck on the way to the Yankee-Met game on the exit ramp while getting off the grand central parkway with angry fans trying to get to the game. This past Sunday night it happened be smack in middle of the Lincoln Tunnel.
I entered the tunnel with a battery light on and airbag light on but prayed that i can at least make in to the city and ill worry about it then. Unfortunately, about halfway through, my car gave up all will to give me any gas and slowly went to a standstill. As i watch the car behind me in the right lane wait in frustration, he gave up and crossed the double white line as well as all the other cars behind him. I began calling AAA and telling them what happened, but midway through the call, i see lights behind me and a man exit the truck and come up to me in the left lane. Apparently the Port Authority has cameras in there and watch for shit like this to happen. I was wondering how he can walk like that in middle of the tunnel, i soon learn the emergency crew blocked off both lanes.
He asked me some questions and then tells me to put the car in neutral and hes going to push me out via the left lane. There is no worse feeling than watching all the cars pass you in the newly opened right lane with such anger. I made sure all of my windows were closed (last time i got ice cubes thrown at my car) and not look directly at them. I finally get pushed to the emergency garage right out side the tunnel and await further help. Getting stuck sucks.


FrumSatire2 said...

Yeh thats nothing my engine seized in Sterling Colorado, about 165 miles away from my brothers house- on top of this my triple A was used up for the year- do you know what a 165 mile tow costs- and thats after having my bro come out and pick me up.

Anonymous said...

Why did you enter the tunnel knowing you had engine trouble?!?!? Just another selfish frum jew i guess.