Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Why dont frum people put their pictures on facebook?

Ok, I have to admit, I do have one of those facebook and myspace accounts. Mine also has some info and a brief profile as well as some pictures of me. But I noticed some people don’t include their pictures in their profile. So I wonder why people don’t include some pictures of themselves? Then, I noticed it’s more of the frum people, guys and girls alike, who don’t include their picture. Please help me understand this. Your real name is in there and either you want to reconvene with old or current friends or make some new ones. What are you afraid of; you don’t want to show you’re off your sexy good looks or maybe you’re too ashamed of your looks. You think if you include a picture of a teddy bear that will suffice, well, unless you really are a teddy bear. To me it sends off a very obnoxious attitude that they are better than everyone else and only the uncool people put up pictures.. If your dorky (or savvy) enough to have a profile up there, it wont kill you to put a picture up of yourself. Recently I became ‘friends’ with some one I met on a trip a while back and only knew me by my English name but remembered what I look like. But thankfully for my picture, he/she was able to remember who I was and put two and two together.

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