Friday, February 9, 2007

My first critic of my blog deserves a posting!

I like to dedicate today’s post to the wonderful anonymous user who chose to make themselves feel better by critiquing my blog with such a meaningless comment. Every one is free to disagree with me and comment about it. This is what I have to say about the comment.

First off, you chose to remain anonymous, either because you are worried, I, or some other bloggers may see all the flaws and lameness of your own blog. Or it can be because you don’t have a blog because you’re worried about people criticizing your writing.

I entertain myself pretty well with this blog. This blog seems to be a little microcosm of what goes on in your brain.

In case, you are new to blogging like me, allow me to explain why many people choose to blog. People use it as a tool to have a public diary of ones own life, and if other people choose to read it, so be it. This may mean they have their own personal views and opinions which not everyone may agree on, but many others may find interesting and entertaining.

You aren't funny. You are clearly witless.

Regardless of your opinion if you think whether some of my postings are funny or witty enough for you, some of them are not meant for humor. You comment in a posting which is serious and real, and individuals marriages are at stake because of religious matters. That is no laughing better. Although, many people do think many of my postings are funny.

You also seem some kind of axe to grind with the jewish yeshiva system and women in general

Again, if you have a disagreement with my views, you are free to disagree with me and state your valid points. There is no need to criticize the entire blog because of it. I stated valid points, where are yours? In addition, I don’t criticize; I question and try to get a better understanding of people. Unfortunately, the yeshiva system isn’t flawless, and I am quoting my personal opinions on what needs to be changed. As for the grind on women, I question specific groups of frum women, not women as a whole. Please be careful with what you write.

It also seems like you are obviously trying to copy another very popular blog but are failing miserably!

There are 30 million blogs out there, forgive me if some of them sound similar. And explain what you mean by failing miserably. This blog is 2 weeks old and I am getting hundreds of hits, some one is reading it and commenting; including yourself. Then again, people are to blog for themselves, not for others.


FrumSatire said...

Dude I may have gotten the same letter as you- being that your blog follows some similar lines exceopt its more serious and mine if supposed to be comedy. Hate mail rocks- get your self an email address and then publish it-

Notsofrummie said...


Jacob Da Jew said...

Damn, I could use some hate mail.