Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Jesus wont save me from the wind

Call me a pussy, but I get scared easily during the night. The other night, with the howling wind constantly blowing against my window and hearing sounds of flying garbage cans outside, can creep me out a bit and a feeling like someone wants to break in my house or something. So the next day when I thought ill tell over this tale to a black Evangelical Christian co worker who sits next to me. But I should have known what her response will be, as every time I have had any kind of conversations with her, they always end off with Jesus being the savior of mankind.

You see, this has nothing to do my belief. I may not be the most loyal Jew but I don’t instigate my religion on anyone nor do I have any interest in other religions. She tells me the only thing I should fear is g-d and the messiah. Ok, so I fear g-d (not so much the messiah part), but that doesn’t mean I shouldn’t automatically fear anything else, its human nature. I am afraid of a lot of things in life. I told her if you’re such a believer that nothing will ever happen to you as long as you believe, why don’t you leave your doors totally unlocked in a neighborhood like Harlem and let me know what happens. This isn’t the first time she brought Jesus on me.

One time, she thinks she came up with this brilliant argument, “if there’s something amazing which you know is the correct way of living, don’t you wanna share it with everyone else”. What dumb ass argument is that? Just because I like sesame chicken, does that give me the right to shove it in your face and make you like it?

This posting may not have anything to do with frumminess, but just to show just because im ‘notsofrummie’, don’t mean ill be crossing to the other side so soon, especially, not from a person with such crappy arguments like that.


Jacob Da Jew said...

You commented on my blog that I have not added you in my links.In fact I havea few weeks ago ,although not in the traditional manner.

I listed your blog as "Visit the Newbie" without listing your full blogname.For that I do apologize as a lack of oversight on my part.

Notsofrummie said...

Thanks JacobDajew- i apoligize as well. I got turned off by your demanding of your link on my blog only to see that my link was not on yours (and your posting on blogging etiquette). Its all good now.