Monday, March 12, 2007

Why does Agudah consider good jews Koferim?

While volunteering for some old age home yesterday, I had the opportunity to meet up with all different types of jews. Some of whom, I don’t meet normally meet on a daily basis in Flatbush; those who are often looked down upon in the frum community, namely Agudah. I met people (girls) from the JTS studying gemarah, as well as some guys studying smicha in this Columbia affiliated yeshiva, located on campus. When I asked this jeans, hoodie, different style yalmuka wearing individual what he did, his response was that he learns. I was shocked because usually when I meet someone in their 20’s and they say that, I would expect a white shirt black pants kind of guy. He surprised with his clothing style, his open conversations, and easy to talk to personality; contrary to the normal yeshiva form Brooklyn or Lakewood. He tells me the Agudah and more religious people consider their yeshiva “koferim”.
Can some one explain this one to me? Those that actually study torah all day and keep the torah are considered Koferim, while those from the frum world who don’t learn at all, or learn an hr or 2 hrs a day , those who know alot less than these fine jews, are considered great frum Jews. I am just trying to understand.


Anonymous said...

Did you ask him if he believes that God gave the Jews the Torah on Mt. Sinai?

Lance said...

I think rabbis at most black hat Yeshiva's are incredibly close minded and intimidated by anything different. They are scared of Torah scholars outside of their stringent system, because they don't understand or appreciate diversity.

frumhouse said...

The good news is that despite the discrimination they face - these young scholars continue their work.

Hate the Jews, love Judaism I say!