Wednesday, March 14, 2007

frum yogis just have no shame.

As odd as this may sound, I’ve been going to yoga now for a little under a year; no one knew if I was Jewish and I didn’t know or care if any one in the class was a frum Jew. But that all stopped about two weeks when some one comes in with a yalmuka. Let him be Jew proud, im ok with that but here are my issues now that he found out I was also frum. Firstly, when we are doing partner exercises – I would rather partner up with a 22 year old girl to do it with. But now he’s asking me if I want to be his partner. How can I refuse? I would rather not hold on to nasty sweaty leg or back as he performs his yoga acts. I would so much rather hold on to a smooth not as sweaty yoga hottie. If that wasn’t bad enough, wait till I tell you what happened after class.

We go back to the dressing room while I get changed to go back home, he goes and takes a shower. So he hops into the shower naked for 10 seconds, I can ignore that. Then he comes out of the shower, with his unit still dangling starts reading some bulletin signs, and then he begins talking to me. He starts asking question for it seems like 5 min straight with out a thought in the world he still has nothing blocking his wanker. I am trying to answer his questions as briefly as possible and get my self ready as quickly as possible, while trying to avoid any eye contact down there.
I aint a homophobe, I just don’t feel comfortable talking about my life and what shul I davend in front of a naked a guy, while 5 other random guys are looking on. I may have to find a new place now for my yoga.


frumhouse said...

LOL! I thought guys weren't shy about stuff like that. Truly, though, that situation has to stop! What is that guy thinking? Ick!

I can see why you are annoyed to have another frum person in the class. Sometimes I just have to get away from the frum velt and just be. My husband and I will go away for a weekend every now and then, kosher food packed, to some little town that's never seen a Jew before and where we are unlikely to run into any.

I have wanted to try yoga for quite some time. To be honest, though, I would feel uncomfortable having a man as a yoga partner. I would rather go to an all women's class, but not necessarily a frum women's class.

Lance said...

Why can't Jews keep their nards to themselves? My twig and berries are a private matter. Plus, what's with wearing a kipa to a coed yoga class? Those courses are practically like walking into a Victoria's Secret catalogue.

Lakewood Venter said...

oy. lol

Married and Navigating Jewish Brooklyn said...

Hope you find a new yoga class, we don't blame ya

chaverah said...

this is to funny! first off i didnt realize that guys are sensitive to this issue. secondly i never thought frum guys to yoga all together. Lastly get a new yoga class, YIKES!

Still Wonderin' said... gaydar would be off the charts. I'd stay away from this freakshow.

Anonymous said...

Sounds Hot !

Could you tell by looking who the Mohel was ?

Anonymous said...

Let's see... Dude walks into coed yoga class without yarmulka, clearly and admittedly wants to feel up chicks. Another dude walks into coed yoga class WITH yarmulka, knows no chicks will go near that, so clearly wants to feel up other dudes. 1+1 man, 1+1. And that's without the naked schmooze.

rebelwithacause said...

LMAO! Well the guy is obviously gay and looking for some action.

My question is:

Was he wearing his kippah when he was walking around buttnaked displaying his schlong? lol.

Anonymous said...