Friday, March 2, 2007

Why do frummies likes talking with their hands?

On the way home last night while riding the subway, I couldn't help but notice these 2 obvious looking religious girls talking in their normal whinnie voice. I have no idea what they were talking about and it didn't seem all that interesting enough for me to lean over to and take a listen. In fact, I had to stand back like 10 feet so they don't smack me with their hands. I got 4 hands 5 feet away from me waving all over the place. It seems to me a lot of frummie people have a thing for using their hands over excessively while talking, even if its not a very important conversation. How about paying more attention to the substance of the conversation, rather than the motion of your hands.

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Anonymous said...

talking with hands is very common among all Mederanian cultures. Or shoe off my truly amazing bekias in all of the truly tastless joke books

"how do you shut up an Italian (or a Greek or a Jew)"?
Break his hands.