Friday, May 4, 2007

Cool jews at the israel day parade

Im excited about the Israeli day parade and concert this weekend. Probably not for the same reason as most people. You know the love of Israel and the love of Jews. Well actually I do love Jews. I love seeing all different kinds of us folks. All year round, all I see are the regular Flatbush and boro parker roaming the streets. But they all look exactly the same; they all dress the same, act the same, work in the same profession. Once a year, I can see the rest of us. And we are such a diverse bunch, makes me wonder again, why I am still in living Brooklyn. It can also make me wonder why the girls are so much hotter outside of Brooklyn. It is also the time to wonder and ramble to oneself while the groups are marching, “who the hell knew there were that many jew folks out from long island or new jersey”. What always amazes me, of how Brooklyn in the minority on this day. For some reason the Jews from the suburbs look less jewish, more assimilated, than those within city limits. One of my favorite parts of last year was the jewish bikers group. A huge group of these mean, yet cool looking motor cycle enthusiastics. I feel more of an American than a Jewish minority that day. We are just like them. Down with the people who say we shouldn’t be like the goyim by not acting and dressing like them.

The concert however, is fun and relaxing. Meet some old friends, old dates, but for some reason I enjoy the parade better. Maybe the speeches bore me and are long enough and opinionated enough to annoy the hell out of me. But sometimes the music is not half bad. Also, the concert seems like 1 big pick up joint. Every one is hitting on everyone. The parade, I enjoy walking block to block, seeing Jews of all ages from all over the tri state area while viewing the marching.


Keep the Brooklynites in bklyn said...

Imagine how great the parade would be if all the brooklyn people, even the self hating ones like yourself, weren't allowed in

Lance said...

I'm actually with NSF on this one. I think the parade really highlights how there are actually groups of Jews who don't base their lives on conforming. NSF isn't self hating, he just appears to loathe those who lack the ability to think on their own.

frumhouse said...

Well, I prefer family style functions myself, but I am totally psyched about all the lag b'omer festivities happening today in my neck of the woods!!