Monday, May 7, 2007

My Israel day parade/ concert recap

I stand by my previous post: the parade is so much more worthwhile than the concert. Maybe I just enjoy walking block to block watching different floats and disorganized marchers. Or maybe it’s those talented black kids with their marching bands. I guess Jewish kids can’t drum like black folks, let alone march in synch. Regardless, the parade was much more fun than the concert. Like 3.30 or so, I began making my way into the park. Snaking around this path, with absolutely zero security, we entered the closed off concert area. The music was half mediocre, I guess, the best jewish music is ever going to get along with the wonderful Zionist and ‘lets get Olmert the hell out of office’ speeches.

As I made my rounds through the crowds of fellow jews, I met some friends, and people I haven’t seen in a while. That was all fun, but all I can say, thank g-d I didn’t burst out a craving to have some Dougies. Have you seen that line? That was longer than a ladies bathroom line at Yankees stadium. Half the damn concert was on queue, and probably spent the entire time waiting. I have a question: why can’t they get more vendors? Is it because Dougies can buy out the rights to be the only kosher stand there therefore causing hundreds (maybe thousands) have to suffer? They should have had more vendors. I guess this is where Dougies gets most of their income from, due to all their stores are closing down and losing tons of business. How about this Dougies--make better food, lower your damn prices, and clean the place up a bit, then maybe ill come back to you guys...Maybe next year, the concert organizers can figure out a way to make it less lame and bring in more kosher stands.


Jacob Da Jew said...

Man, I'm with you on that. Dougies f$%^ing sucks!

Check out my "worst Rest. post, Dougies is at the top of the list.

Ro said...

Yikes sounds bad if the lines are like Yankee Stadium.

I agree I think the Kosher vendors are missing out on some good money. They should definitely put more stands out. Good for their reg biz too.

Sounds like you had fun though. Maybe I will go next year. Their has to be some New England Jews there. :)

Notsofrummie said...

Hey JDJ - it looks like we finally agree on something.

Ro - Im sure there was New England people at the parade, we can always use some more non-NY's here.

marc said...

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a bientot

Jacob Da Jew said...


Notsofrummie said...

Marc - why am i getting french spam on my blog.

Chaya said...

I didn't even bother staying for the concert, I just hit up the parade.

Great day!

Ari Kinsberg said...

i went to the concert once and never went again. jewish music in general is not good, and the "concert" is usually 90% speeches.