Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Frummies cry ant-semitism

I was reading this article like two weeks ago on some yeshivish website regarding PETA cracking down on kapores in Brooklyn. They showed a letter from PETA stating how these Kapores places are mistreating the chickens and need better care. Now, after reading the comments on that, I wasn’t sure if I should be angrier at the kapores centers or the frum people angry at PETA. I have been to these places and I can see how these chickens are being mistreated while being cooped up all day with a million other chickens in their bins then thrown around by these bearded men like it is a stuffed animal. So, I can easily see where this agency is coming from and why they want to crack down on this.

But many of the comments were putting down PETA and claiming that they are ‘just out to get the Jews’. Every time I hear that excuse when something doesn’t go there way, I grow another white hair. Once again do these so called ‘frum jews’ think they are above the law, similar to the riot in Boro Park when someone was illegally speaking on his cell phone while driving. If the law states it is illegal, it applies to everyone, even Jews. Not every single time the government cracks down on something you don’t like, can you cry Anti-Semitism? I remember reading one really ignorant comment saying that it is a ‘freedom of religion’ and how can they the government do this. Cuz it’s the damn law – that’s why.

And these people are so quick to use that rational when it’s gearing towards them. I bet these people aren’t so fast to use that defense when other religions are doing such practices. Imagine the Koran said to kill all the Jews because its freedom of religion. Ok, maybe that’s far fetched, but even a similar practice to kapores where an animal can be harmed in the process, lets see how many Jews say its ok to such practice because of their religion. My guess is none. Jews, Muslims, and Christians all have to obey the same laws and all have the same treatment in this great country of ours.


Ben said...

Vin News had a long post about this

Jacob Da Jew said...


fashionista cat in a zero gravity shoe-store said...

Tell them to complain once they've duly declared and paid their taxes ;)

(sarcastic over-generalization in the statement above)

Notsofrummie said...

Ben - that was the yeshivish site i was refering to. i remembered it has some strange yiddish words to it forgot which one it was, but i thought ill blog my view on it.

JDJ - ?? yeh i hope PETA cracks down and locks em all up.

fash....good point. these section 8/welfare/ non tax paying citizens im sure are the ones complaining as well.

Anonymous said...

"Every time I hear that excuse when something doesn’t go there way, I grow another white hair"

this is the best line ever. it makes me laugh when i think of NSF growing thousands of white hairs all over his body and then running through the streets like a yeti.

anyway, it is funny how this happens. plus, didnt the Rambam or someone say that it is better to do kaparos with money? could be wrong though.

Chickens rule!

flatbush gal said...

well i guess they shouldn't be crying anti-semitism if whats going on is truly unacceptable, i'm not familiar with what takes place with the kaporos chickens but from what i would presume it's nothing so major that peta should choose to crack down on that of all things but then again i dont quite know what exactly takes place with the chickens. it happens to be my family uses cash which is a good way of avoiding any questionable chicken scenes, if you ask me more ppl should try that out -problem solved

Anonymous said...

is there an unspoken rule that bloggers don't reply to anonymous posts? Well, if that's the rule, then i've got a new rule:

if no one responds to this post, then you are all fat cretins!

ha ha ha

By the way, it happens to be that the chickens are stacked on top of each other. poor creatures.

Chickens rule.

Lance said...

I'm just hoping the new PETA campaign involves Pamela Anderson and other animal loving celebrities taking off their clothes again. Did I just say that out loud?

fashionista cat in a zero gravity shoe-store said...

anon, we don't negotiate with blackmailers.

Seriously though, chickens on such farms are kept in threes in cages the size of a larger shoebox.

Shmuli said...

Hey Anonym- If the life of a chicken involves being stacked on top of one another without any clothing on, then please remind me why did i choose to be a human. I can think of many ppl I'd like to be stacked on top of (or beneath).

Anonymous said...

hey shmuli
if by your post you really mean that you wish to be stacked on top of lance then and i have no further comment.
by the way, did you know that in the bronx and somehwere in brooklyn there are real poultry farms with goats as well?

Anonymous said...

im sorry lance and shmuli
i dont know who you people are (suggesting that i do) but you guys or girls or boths seemed to have the craziest commenst so i though it was ok. im sorry.
by the way
NSF's blog really is the best of all of them. NSF rules!
Yeah NSF

Notsofrummie said...

hey 'anon' - stop kissin up to my blog. and i dont think lance meant to be stacked up on top of shmuli. its a real issue, i feel bad for those chics. imagine yourself locked in a cage and cramped up with a bunch of chickens.

Anonymous said...

With all due respect, some animals are hurt, however many people act in order to reduce the discomfort to the animal by placing it in a crate or box. I know that some other frum ppl think this is not the proper way to do kaporros, however I am sure Hashem understands that doing kapporos with the chicken in a box is a lot kinder to the animal.

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