Monday, September 10, 2007

Frummie car salesmen

This weekend I decided to start looking for new wheels. Relying on other peoples car’s can only work for some time after wrecking my own, but now its time to get a new car. But as I look around Brooklyn, each guy seems more dishonest than the next. I went to this one frum place, thinking he’ll be a nice and honest salesman, I have been mistaken. After telling him the amount I want to spend, he starts convincing me to spend an extra 5,000 dollars and finance a newer and better car. He made valid points stating it will last longer and they are just a nicer and better cars. Well, bearded yeshivisha car salesman smoking and blowing it into my face as I was talking to him, if I was interested in doing that I would’ve asked you for a more expensive car. It doesn’t matter if I finance it or not. But the car he wanted to sell me for that price, I know I can get 5,000 dollars less.

Now, I wonder now if there are any trusts worthy car salesman. This is one fear of mine when buying a new car, is being ripped off. I guess I have to look for the one who will me rip me off the least. My last car was bought by an Israeli person, who I sorta trusted. So now, it’s a question who do I trust more of the 2 most dishonest groups of people, the Israeli’s or the yeshivish hocker man. Thinking about it now, those Indians or Italian salesmen don’t look all that trust worthy either.

Also yesterday, I was able to check out the under hyped, under crowded, and under marketed Jewish concert festival. I think this event is a much better version of the Israeli day concert/parade that took place back in May. Ill take the speechless, hippie Jewish crowd with Hebrew beer vendors over the political agenda, over crowded teenie bopper Israeli concert any day.


Ro said...

I think sleezy salesman cross pollinate over all ethnicities and countries. Heck it could be the one thing that unites the world.

I'm sure you'll find something soon. Isn't there a lemon law out there?

Anonymous said...

you know there has been much tension between us in the past several months since i have discovered your blog. and it is before rosh hashana and now is the perfect time for apologies.

so when you are ready, you can apologize to me for erasing my comments yesterday.

hows that for a post, stupid!

Shmuli said...

Wow NSF, after reading your post, I have concluded that used car salesman are bastards. This is why blogs are so great; the latest news is always posted on them before it hits the major networks.

My predictions for the upcoming week in news/current events: Russians are smelly, Harlem is a bad neighborhood to raise kids, exercising is good for you and, I'm going to go out on a limb here, president Bush's approval ratings are low.

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